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Role: Set Designer +

Art Director 

Scenic Carpenter + Scenic Painter

Prod. Company | Say Goodnight Films

Director - Paul Johnson @pol.ocho
Producer - Milo Maxx

Set design - Andrew Cowie @cowieworks


Music video for The Kooks. Set in a semi-apocalyptic Retro-futuristic  West Berlin.

NE ISO drawing [Converted] copy.jpg

Cast + Crew 

just plan 1.75 [Converted].jpg
Set Design
Set Design

Using Rhino 7 3D I built up a digital model of each of the spaces working within the constraints of the studio size and utilizing the different camera lenses available on the software to storyboard each of the scenes, minimizing materials and enabling efficiency within an 8x4ft framework, this cut down labour time immensely. We wanted to let the scenes flow into each other to create a feel of it being a continuous journey. Our initial intention was to use a drone to capture overhead tracking shots and hence the roof was built to be dismantled and rebuilt as quickly as possible. All the wall elements were removable to maximise flexibility in shooting where the set would otherwise not allow.

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