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DUO -LOLITA, NO! [Music Video] 

Role: Art Director + Set Designer


Prod. Company | Say Goodnight Films @saygoodnightfilms
Director | Paul Johnson R. @pol.ocho
Producer | Hope Burgess @earthtohope
Lighting Director | George Mills @ills_creative
Editor | Hev X @anotherreur
Art Director | Andrew Cowie @cowie_andrew


EP2 the second instalment of Duo's three part love story, featuring the single "Lolita, No!,"

Shot on 16+8mm celluloid film.








Andy Warhol





Brief: Andy-Warhol-Factory-esque

To be shot from all angles.

To embody the iconography of Warhol#s factory, the set was designed as a 1970's photography studio.

Numerous paintings (some work in progress) are scattered around, filling gaps between foil coating the walls noting back to The Factory's bare insulation on show.

The props on show - reclining rocking chair/ vintage telephone/ chess sets - are interacted with by Luke and Ellie, guiding them further into character for this spontaneously shot, run and gun film.

Bellow are two, 6x4ft paintings I created to pop next to the reflective foil, with high contrast, following the limited colour palate. 


Cast + Crew



16mm Shooter | Paul Johnson R. @pol.ocho
8mm Shooter | George Mills @ills_creative
Fashion Director | Luna Loreti @lunettaelle
Styling | Marko Vrbos @marko_vrbos
HMUA | Gina Parr @ginaparr_makeup
Prod. Assistant | Shayna Jenkins @shaygnaaa
Prod. Assistant | Frances Leung @leung_frances
Studio | Shutter House @shutterhousestudio
Shot on Kodak film | @kodak_shootfilm

Featuring |

Luke Pritchard

Ellie Pritchard

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