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Role: Art Director + Storyboard Artist

+ Location Scout 


Prod. Company | Say Goodnight Films @saygoodnightfilms
Directed & Shot | Polocho @pol.ocho
Model | Izzy Howitt @izzy_howitt
Art Director | Andrew Cowie @cowie_andrew
Lighting Director: George Mills @ills_creative
1st AD | Dani Wall @daniswall
Editor | Hev X @anotherreur


We begin the video by seeing Asher lost at sea, on a small fishing boat. He looks lost and desperate for some kind of signal to help him escape from where he is. He notices in the distance a small sign of land so he starts to paddle closer towards it. 

Asher continues to follow the girl as he makes his way through mountain paths and forests. Each time getting closer and closer to this mysterious woman that has led him to this land.

The girl then leads Asher into a very strange location. An abandoned cottage, Asher follows her in.

We finally see Asher and the mysterious girl together. We see them lost within their own love as they make connections together. They follow each other around the house, sharing special moments as Asher serenades her throughout.

Throughout the house, we will use specialist lighting that would create water ripple effects throughout the whole house. 

Asher and his Siren become comfortable together warming by the cottage fire.

The shot changes back to Asher on the boat lost at sea. This time, however, the girl is with him and they set out for the open water, contented.

Asher knight Storyboard comparison.jpg



Cast + Crew


Drone | Off The Ground
Colour Grader | Rico F.B Jimenez
Boat Hire | Waterfront Marine
Boat Crew | Scott Metcalfe & Joseph Ormond
Fashion Producer | Luna Loreti @bylunaloreti
HMUA | Sarah Davies @_sarahdaviesmua_
Styling | Marko Vrbos @marko_vrbos

Last location House | Fort Belan
Shot in Anglesey, Wales

From the story described above description, I settled on Anglesey- Wales, due to it being surrounded by coastline, with calm enough waters to shoot on. The location was also ideal to minimize transportation costs of the artist from Yorkshire and Say Goodnight Films' HQ in London. 
The Director and I headed up to the area 3 days in advance to scout the exact routes the shoots would be taken at. This was imperative due to us only having 2 days to shoot - which enabled us to plan a shot-list of ~50 shots across the two days which we achieved successfully.

I managed to create a visual storyboard to accompany the shot-list alongside the director in about 3 hours, keeping just within our time and budget restraints. This furthered our understanding of the duration of each of the shots and proved very useful for reference on the two shoot days to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Asher knight Storyboard comparison3.jpg
Asher knight Storyboard comparison4.jpg
Asher knight Storyboard comparison6.jpg
Asher knight Storyboard comparison2.jpg
Asher knight Storyboard comparison5.jpg
Asher knight Storyboard comparison7.jpg
Asher knight Storyboard comparison8.jpg
Storyboard Shot by sot
LAYED OUT 6X 3.jpg
LAYED OUT 6X 32.jpg
LAYED OUT 6X 33.jpg
Full Storyboard
Behind The Scenes
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